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A new trilogy "The Lords of Wisdom"

The Lords Of Wisdom I: Outremer

The Lords of Wisdom II: Lionheart

The Lords of Wisdom III: Sanctuary

After "Seven Deadly Sins", Last Knight is back with a new trilogy in three separate albums. Inspired by the middle ages, the album will feature a large number of guest musicians and will approach the concept of the album from different musical styles, from folk to progressive rock. Although the album has clear influences from Alan Parsons Project, Focus, Strawbs or Camel, the traditional spanish elements introduced by Rafael Pacha and Jose Manuel Medina give the album a very different approach than other works of the genre.

Due to the unusual symphonism and the combination of progressive elements with traditional music resources, this time the album will be produced by Jose Manuel Medina for Somnus Media. The recording process has been very eventful, mainly due to the fact that the hard drives of the server where the recordings were stored were completely destroyed in 2020 and after an expensive intervention to recover the tracks in a laboratory, only some parts could be rescued. The rest of the recordings had to be reconstructed later.

Right now the recordings of the main instruments are being finished and later the vocal parts will be recorded. All three albums are expected to be released between 2022 and 2023. Over the next few months we will be reporting the news regarding this new work.

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