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Rafael Pacha's new album

Rafael Pacha Al Rincón Por Soñar

Somnus Media will release the new album of spanish multi-instrumentalist Rafael Pacha under the title "Al Rincón Por Soñar". This title has been inspired by the sculpture of the same name by the Spanish sculptor Roberto Reula.

Rafael combines with great talent modern folk with progressive rock with influences of Robert Fripp, Steve Hackett, Lyle Mays, Mike Oldfield, Peter Gabriel and David Gilmour. For the recording sessions of this new work, Rafael has been accompanied by other musicians such as Manoel Macía, Kimmo Pörsti (The Samurai of Prog), Carlos Espejo, Francisco J. Bocero, Javier Márquez and also with Jose Manuel Medina (Last Knight).

Rafael has also recently been working with The Samurai Of Prog, on Kimmo Pörsti's solo album, with Last Knight on his Seven Deadly Sins and is now working on a new project with Marco Bernard and Kimmo Pörsti called "The Guildmaster".

Al Rincón por Soñar will be available for digital download and CD

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