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Last Knight awarded by Akademia

Last Knight was recently awarded in The Akademia Music Awards of L.A. in California, USA (for the May competition). We have participated in three categories and we were awarded in all of them. These categories were: "Best Rock Song" for The Face Behind The Veil, written by Jose Manuel Medina & Marc Atkinson; "Best Singer-Songwriter Song" for Exile Of The Night, written by Cindy L. Spear, Colin Mold, Robert Gerrard & Jose Manuel Medina; and finally "Best Instrumental/Orchestral Piece" for "Overture from Talking To The Moon" written by Jose Manuel Medina.

It was a big honour to participate and we are very pleased with the awards. This recognition is a big step in the progress of our international musical project and we want to say thank you to AKADEMIA team for their labour in promoting new artists. You can find more information about the awards through the following links:

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