New singer Gus Lato

This album has a new member within the musical family of Last Knight. This is Gus Lato, Argentine guitarist and singer who along with guitarist Nelson Pombal and bassist Pablo Lato (his brother), formed the Argentine band Funes.

Jose Manuel Medina recruited him for the project after having contrasted his great versatility as a singer for an album with very volatile vocal melodies. One of the great challenges of this album was to find a singer with theatrical skills, since some fragments required dramatic and comical touches. From the dramatism of Lust the listener can jump to the comic style of Gluttony or the vaudeville style of the central part of Pride.

Pablo Lato and Jose Manuel Medina are convinced that Gus will be a great discovery for lovers of melodic symphonic rock. In his work for this album he has also contributed playing solo guitars.

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