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John Mitchell in Seven Deadly Sins

John Mitchell - Last Knight

Two songs of Seven Deadly Sins were composed to try that John Wetton could sing them. Unfortunately, shortly after requesting his collaboration, he died. One of the songs was then sung by Ritchie Castellano (Blue Öyster Cult), "Greed". The other song, "Envy" has been sung by a member of the John Wetton band, as well as being an excellent singer, guitarist and producer on the British scene. This is John Mitchell, a member of mythical bands such as Arena, It Bites, Frost, Kino or Blind Ego. It is also the brain of the successful Lonely Robot project.

John is undoubtedly an exceptional artist with a very personal voice. Accompanied by Nelson Pombal, Rafael Pacha, Theo Travis, Jose Bruno, Pablo Lato and Jose Manuel Medina, John has put his voice to the most complicated track on the album.

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