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Recorded in 2001

This is the first Last Knight album. All the pieces are instrumental. It is a modern electronic progressive work influenced Giorgio Moroder, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis & Others.

Recorded in 2003

A modern classical symphony with beautiful epic musical moments. Most of the pieces are neo-baroque with strong orchestral parts. Dedicated to the listener with a penchant for classical music and soundtracks.


Recorded in 2004

An instrumental album with music inspired by the Cantabrian Sea in northern Spain. Relaxing music.

Released in 2016

Triple album with 54 tracks and 6 bonus tracks. Probably one of the biggest albums ever recorded in modern music history. More than 30 artists were involved in the recording of this modern symphony about the Moon and the night.


Will Be released on 2019

Based on Dante's Divine Comedy, as an original idea by Pablo Lato. A symphonic work inspired by great progressive bands of the seventies.

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