Last Knight - S7ven Deadly Sins

Jose Manuel Medina has started planning a new album for the project Last Knight. It will be a concept album about the Seven Deadly Sins. The original idea come from producer/engineer/bassist Pablo Lato.

This time the album will be very short. There will be only seven tracks based on progressive rock. It is expected to have some guest artists on it, but to date there are no names confirmed.

This album will be concise, consisting of only 7 tracks, all with a progressive rock flavor. Guest artists will be confirmed shortly.

Pablo Lato will be the producer and he will recruit the usual Last Knight collaborators such as guitarist Nelson Pombal, pianist Eduardo G. Salueña and saxophonist Theo Travis. Pablo (Omit Lato) explained that it will be a real challenge try to express with music the seven deadly sins. Jose Manuel Medina will be responsible for the orchestral parts.

Th track list will be as follows:

01. Lust

02. Gluttony

03. Greed

04. Sloth

05. Anger

06. Envy

07. Pride

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