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Released 25th October 2019

This album is dedicated to the memory of John Wetton.


Produced by Pablo Lato

Executive Producer: Jose Manuel Medina

Mastered and Engineered by Pablo Lato

Orchestral parts by The Somnus Symphony Orchestra

Artwork by James Lobaco and Miguel Angel Magdalena

John Mitchell: Main Vocals

Richie Castellano: Main Vocals

Gustavo Lato: Main Vocals, Backing Vocals & Electric Guitar

​Theo Travis: Tenor Sax & Flute

Eduardo G. Salueña: Keyboards & Grand Piano

Cindy L. Spear: Lyricist
Nelson Pombal: Electric Guitars

Rafael Pacha: Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars & Flutes

Emilio Gutiérrez: Piano & Hammond B3

Jose Bruno: Drums

Fernando Samalea: Drums
Israel Sánchez: Drums

Ángel Ruíz: Pedal Steel Guitar

Ana Fernández: Violin

Ignacio Alonso: Cello

Pablo Lato: Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Backing vocals & Percussion

​Jose Manuel Medina: Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, & Orchestrations




01. Lust (11:12)

      Episode I: Overture

      Episode II: Descent to Hell

      Episode III: The Lustful

      Episode IV: Craving Pleasure

      Episode V: Between Love and Lust

02. Gluttony (4:26)

03. Greed (9:04)

04. Sloth (11:23)

      Episode I: Sodom's Son

      Episode II: Sinfonietta of Laziness

      Episode III: Watcher of the Wind

      Episode IV: The Boundaries of Apathy

05. Anger (7:00)

06. Envy (12:03)

      Episode I: Against All Generosity

      Episode II: The Principles of Envy (I)

      Episode III: The She-Wolf

      Episode IV: The Man Who Wanted To Be

      Episode V: Crossing the Styx Lagoon

      Episode VI: The Principles of Envy (II)

      Episode VII: The Abode of Inner Suffering

07. Pride (14:15)



Inspired by Dante Alighieri's "The Divine Comedy", this album tries to recreate the low passions of the human being in the philosophical context of the seven deadly sins. Seventy minutes of beautiful musical passages with a production developed in the style of progressive rock of the seventies by argentine/spanish producer Pablo Lato.

As tradition in Last Knight's productions, in this album you will find a great variety of instrumentation performed by talented musicians from different parts of the world. Some of them are well known, for example: John Mitchell (Arena, It Bites), Theo Travis (Travis & Fripp, Soft Machine Legacy, David Gilmour), Richie Castellano (Blue Öyster Cult), Gus Lato (Funes) and many more.

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