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Recorded 2001


Produced by Jose Manuel Medina

Mastering by Pablo Lato

Orchestral parts performed by the

Somnus Symphony Orchestra

Artwork by James Lobaco


Jose Ramón Gutiérrez: Electric Guitars

Sergio García:  Electric Guitars

Jose Manuel Medina: Piano, Keyboards, Programming & Orchestrations



01. Overture

02. Past

03. Heaven & Hell

04. Last Days Of The Century

05. Present

06. Portrait

07. Thousand Ways

08. Secrets

09. Lord Of The Time

10. Endless

11. Future

12. Forever



The first Last Knight album tried to transform electronic music into the progressive world of music. It’s based on repetitive musical patterns recorded with synthesizers; sometimes infusing elements of rock through the use of electric guitars.


Influenced by Jean Michel Jarre, Jan Hammer & Giorgio Moroder, this album tries to interpret electronic music in a daring manner: combining it with classical music and rock. Some examples of creative progressive electronic music are the tracks "Lord Of The Time" and "Last Days Of The Century". Classical music is more present in "Secrets", "The Portrait" and the delicate "Forever".  Tracks more rock-oriented include "Heaven & Hell" and "Present", performed by the talented guitarists J.R.Gutiérrez and Sergio Garcia.