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Recorded 2003


Produced by Jose Manuel Medina.

Mastering by Pablo Lato

Orchestral parts by The Somnus Symphony Orchestra

Artwork by James Lobaco.


Jose Ramón Gutiérrez: Electric Guitars

Jose Manuel Medina: Piano, Keyboards, Programming & Orchestrations.



01. Overture

02. Long Distance Voyager

03. Lonely Roads

04. Albacete

05. Oceans Of Wheat

06. Moon Of Albacete

07. Pasaje De Lodares

08. The City Halls

09. San Juan Bautista

10. Virgen De Los Llanos

11. Chinchilla The Prison

12. Almansa

13. Purple Skies

14. Campollano

15. The Battle Of Almansa

16. Alcalá de Jucar

17. The Land Of The Wind

18. Albacete (Reprise)

19. Friendship

20. The Journey Ends



A musical journey through the Spanish land of La Mancha, (omit on) where Cervantes wrote Don Quixote. This album combines classical music, especially neo-baroque, with electronic and rock patterns. It represents a notable change of style from its predecesor "Lord Of The Time".


The main track, "Albacete" is a neo-classical piece with upbeat rhythmic melodies. The beautiful and romantic "Moon Of Albacete" depicts the calm of Spanish nights.


The main instruments utilized on the album are the violin and woodwinds in a modern symphony replete with epic musical moments. An abundance of orchestral flights makes this album (omit is) quite attractive for the classical music-loving audience.

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