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An Ancient Tale - Last Knight
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Uillean Pipes | Low Whistle | Guitars

Troy Donockley has built up a formidable reputation as both a Composer, Arranger and Musician/Performer. He is also a leading virtuoso of the uilleann pipes. He has performed and is known all over the place - Europe, Middle/Far East, Australia, Japan, USA and has worked and recorded with various other artists such as Iona, Maddy Prior, Maire Brennan (Clannad), Nightwish, Midge Ure, Barbara Dickson, Roy Harper, Alan Stivell, Lesley Garrett, Status Quo, Del Amitri, Mostly Autumn, Mandalaband and many more.


His first album "The Unseen Stream" released in 1998, was critically acclaimed globally for its unique fusion of Traditional/Classical forms. His second album "The Pursuit If Illusion" (2003) continued to push the boundaries with a highly individual blend of the English Classical and Irish Fold traditions.


And now, onto the album "The Madness Of Crowds", featuring large cast of brilliant musicians it goes even further than before in the quest to make the most emotional and uncommercial music possible. If Any modern music can shake off the ravages of fashion and hard back to a time when music was created and listened to as Art rather than as commodity and accesory, then by definition this does precisely that, the essence of that "lost world".


Troy has participated in the recording of some big film soundtracks like "Ironclad" too.


THE ENID - The Seed and The Shower (1987)


IONA - Iona (1988)


YOU SLOSH - Glorious Racket (1989)


YOU SLOSH - Lift Me Up (1991)


IONA  - The Book Of Kells (1992)


IONA - Beyond These Shores (1993)


BARBARA DICKSON - Parcel Of Rogues (1994)


IONA - Journey Into The Morn (1996)


IONA - Heaven's Bright Sun (1997)

MADDY PRIOR - Flesh And Blood (1997)


TROY DONOCKLEY - The Unseen Stream (1998)


IONA - Woven Cord (1999)

MADDY PRIOR - Ravenchild (1999)

MOSTLY AUTUMN - The Spirit Of Autumn Past (1999)


IONA - Open Sky (2000)

MADDY PRIOR - Ballads And Candles (2000)


MADDY PRIOR - Arthur The King (2001)

MOSTLY AUTUMN - The Last Bright Light (2001)

ROY HARPER - Royal Festival Hall Live (2001)


IONA - The River Flows (2002)


MADDY PRIOR- Lionheart (2003)

MOSTLY AUTUMN - Passengers (2003)

TROY DONOCKLEY - The Pursuit Of Illusion (2003)


BARBARA DICKSON - Full Circle (2004)


TROY DONOCKLEY & DAVE BAINBRIDGE - When Worlds Collide (2005)


MOSTLY AUTUMN - Storms Over Still Water (2005)


IONA - The Circling Hour (2006)

MOSTLY AUTUMN - Storms Over London Town (2006)

MAGENTA - Home (2006)


NIGHTWISH - Dark Passion Play (2007)

MOSTLY AUTUMN - Heart Full Of Sky (2007)

MERMAID KISS - Etarlis (2007)


MAGENTA - Metamorphosis (2008)

MOSTLY AUTUMN - Glass Shadows (2008)



THE BAD SHEPHERDS - Yan, Tyan, Tethera, Methera! (2009)

NIGHTWISH - Made In Hong Kong (2009)

TROY DONOCKLEY - The Madness Of Crowd (2009)


MOSTLY AUTUMN - Go Well Diamond Heart (2010)

THE BAD SHEPHERDS - By Hook Or By Crook (2010)

JOHANNA KURKELA - Hyvästi, Dolores Haze (2010)


NIGHTWISH - Imaginaerum (2011)


MOSTLY AUTUMN - Ghost Moon Orchestra (2012)

KOMPENDIUM - Beneath The Waves (2012)


NIGHTWISH - Showtime, Storytime (2013)

THE BAD SHEPHERDS - Mud Blood & Beer (2013)

AYREON - The Theory Of Everything (2013)


TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN - Music Inspired By The Life And Times Of Scrooge (2014)

GANDALF'S FIST - A Forest Of Fey (2014)

Last Knight Songs


Talking To The Moon

Written by J.M.Medina


Talking To The Moon

Written by T.Donockley, J.M.Medina & D.Rohl

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