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Plenilunio - Last Knight
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Last Knight


Multi-instrumentalist | Producer | Engineer

Pablo Lato started to play bass when he was fifteen years old. After some years playing with some progressive rock bands, he recorded his first album with his own group"El Muro" in 1991. After this period, he joined to Antonio Birabent in 1994 (a well known argentine soloist, son of famous rock singer "Moris"). Then, he was on a national tour and after, he recorded his album "Morir y Matar" produced by Cachorro López. He played bass in the song "Siete Vidas" with Leon Gieco, Birabent and produced again by Cachorro López.


Since 1993 to 2002 he was the manager-director of Estudio Rojo. In 1997 he started to work with famous argentine band Super Ratones in the pre-production of their albums and as a technician on tours.


He formed his own band Funes y La Doble in 1995 with his brother Gustavo. This band were mainly influenced by pop, prog and folk musical styles. With them he recorded fiver albums independent until 2002, when he move to Spain.


When he was established in Spain he produced several bands and worked as well as an sound engineer. The most outstanding collaboration in this period was with the internationa folk band "Llangres". He went on tour with them several times and he has produced the second and third albums, "Esnalar" and "Entá". He played bass as well on both albums.


In 2004 he joined Emilio Gutiérrez to form the brit pop band "Enfadados". He has took the rol of composer, bassist and producer. With them he produced and recorded three albums, "Enfadados", "Retratos y Ausencias" and "Dejarlo Todo".


He is currently working as producer of several bands in his new recording studio in Gijón, "Estudio Rojo", on where part of "Talking To The Moon" was recorded. He was an essential part of the post-production of the album and assumed the rol of sound engineer of the whole album.


EL MURO - El Muro (1992)

ANTONIO BIRABENT - Morir Y Matar (1995)

FUNES Y LA DOBLE - Una Canción de Fin de Siglo (1996)

FUNES Y LA DOBLE - Una Canción de Fin de Siglo II (1998)

FUNES Y LA DOBLE - Enero (1999)

FUNES Y LA DOBLE - Febrero (2000)

FUNES Y LA DOBLE - Clásicos (2000)

LEÓN GIECO - Por Partida Doble (2001)

FUNES Y LA DOBLE - Funes (2002)

EL SUEÑO DE MORFEO - Uno Mas Uno Son Siete (2005) [Single]

ENFADADOS - Enfadados (2007)

LLANGRES - Esnalar (2007)

LLANGRES - Entá (2008)

MANDALABAND - BC Ancestors (2009)

ENFADADOS - Retratos y Ausencias (2010)

MANDALABAND - AD Sangreal (2011)

VANE RUTH - Buenas Rutas (2011)

ENFADADOS - Dejarlo Todo (2013)

Last Knight Songs


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