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City Of Light - Last Knight
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Pablo Canalís

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Last Knight


Electric Guitars

Israel is a classically trained keyboard player and a self-taught guitarist. During the last 20 years he has played in multiple bands, initially blues/rock and soul-oriented, but his musical interests have gradually expanded, having covered a wide range of styles.


He plays electric guitars for Senogul, a progressive rock/instrumental fusion band formed in 2002. They have released 3 albums and have also collaborated in other 4 collective recordings so far. In 2009 the band took part in Orfeo: a Ba-Rock Opera, an ambitious adaptation of Claudio Monteverdi's opera L'Orfeo: favola in musica, which stands out as a highlight in their career. Their concerts at the Go Prog Fest in Gouveia (Portugal, 2010) and at the Rock In Opposition (RIO) Festival in Carmaux (France, 2013) are also noteworthy.


Since 2006 he also plays guitar for Gigia Sax Band, with a repertoire of popular music hits arranged for a saxophone big band. In 2012 he began a collaboration as an acoustic guitarist for Zapica and De Mandilín, both folk and traditional Asturian music bands. That same year he also laid down the foundations of La Caja de las Promesas, a meeting point for musicians and artists from Asturias, a project that is permanently open to collaborations.


In early 2014, he started an ongoing collaboration with film production companies El Forcada and JV Producciones in order to compose and record soundtracks to their short films.


Other relevant recent projects include the jazz trio Toys’r’Jazz (2011-2012) and a tribute band to Amy Winehouse called The Soul Factory (2012-2013).


He has participated in several recordings as a studio musician, the most notable being his collaboration in Melange’s self-titled album (fusion with lead accordion), Folclores Imaginarios from Pablo Canalís (2012) and in Secrets of Disguise, the second release from the Finnish prog band The Samurai of Prog (2013). Israel is also the session guitarist at Ardilla & Feedback Studios in Gijón.


SENOGUL - Senogul (2007)

MELANGE - Melange (2009)

SENOGUL - Concierto De Evocación Sonora (2009)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Cani Arrabbiati: "Opening Themes... A Tribute" (2010)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe. A New SyNphonic Collection (2010)

PEDRO MENCHACA - Arco Iris De Lluvia Ácida (2010)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Decameron. Ten Days In 100 Novellas: Part 1 (2011)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - La Voz De Un Niño (2011)

SENOGUL - III (2011)

PABLO CANALÍS - Folclores Imaginarios (2012)

THE SAMURAI OF PROG - Secrets In Disguise (2013)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Decameron. Ten Days In 100 Novellas: Part 2 (2014)

Last Knight Songs


Talking To The Moon

Written by E.G.Salueña, C.L.Spear, P. Lato & J.M.Medina


Talking To The Moon

Written by J.M.Medina & I.Sanchez



Talking To The Moon

Written by C.L.Spear, J.M.Medina & I.Sanchez



Talking To The Moon

Written by J.M.Medina & I.Sanchez

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