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Midnight - Last Knight
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The Samurai Of Prog

Last Knight


Grand Piano | Electric Piano | Keyboards

Eduardo G. Salueña, winner of the AMA award 2013 to the best Asturian keyboardist, is a pianist who combines classical training, analogic synthesizers performance and a growing interest in improvisation. He's also a composer, arranger and Doctor in Musicology, with a Doctoral Thesis about Spanish progressive rock during the Transition years to democracy. He has been associated to various institutions specialized in cultural management, heritage documentation and cataloguing, teaching or musical dissemination, including his participation with some important investigation groups focused on popular music at Universidad de Oviedo (Spain) or University of Surrey (UK).


He is one of the founding members of progressive rock band Senogul, with whom he has released three acclaimed albums with some international labels (Musea Records, Mylodon Records and margen). Senogul has also been featured in four different Colossus Project thematic albums, sharing recordings with some important artists like Unitopia, Nexus, Billy Sherwood, David Jackson, Phideaux Xavier or Guy LeBlanc. They have performed in different progressive and avant-rock festivals, as Madrid’s Art Music Festival 2008 (Spain), Gouveia’s Go Prog 2010 (Portugal) and Carmaux’s Rock In Opposition Festival 2013 (France), sharing the stage with names like Soft Machine Legacy, Faust, Trettioåriga Krigett, After Crying, Guillermo Cides, Jerry Marotta, Linda Cushma, Mats & Morgan, Present, Guapo or Univers Zero. They’ve also been part of the premiere of Orfeo: a ba-rock opera, an ambitious project inspired by Monteverdi’s opera, which blends Early Music instruments and progressive rock elements in a great ensemble conducted by Italian harpsichordist Massimiliano Toni.


He has worked (both in studio or live) for many different artists, ranging from styles as rock, jazz, folk, metal, pop, hip-hop or classical, performing in several venues in Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Japan or Korea. He is also a usual guest player with the international group The Samurai of Prog, sharing credits with musicians like Michael Manring, Roine Stolt, Jonas Reingold, Mento Hevia, David Myers or Robert Webb.


His musical career includes performing piano solo recitals, writing orchestral arrangements, playing to accompany silent films or experiencing free improvisation live with different ensembles.


As a composer, his most recent commissioned works includes an orchestral overture (Pillars of Hercules) and a symphonic poem (Noega) scored for a pipe band, an instrumental ensemble and a reciter. This work, recorded live during its premiere in the open air at Gijón’s Plaza Mayor, has been granted with the AMA award 2013 to the best Asturian folk song and it has been recently acclaimed at the Go Folk Fest 2014 (Gouveia), sharing the stage with artists like Fairport Convention, The Strawbs or Julio Pereira.


NIGHTJAR - Thru The Shadows (2006)

SENOGUL - Senogul (2007)

DARK LA EME - Underprau (2007)

SENOGUL - Concierto De Evocación Sonora (2009)

FRANK GALLO - Las Próximas Cosechas (2009)

CUAC - Cuac (2009)

MELANGE - Melange (2009)

SKANDA - Folk & Roll Circus (2010)

ANABEL SANTIAGO - Agora (2010)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Cani Arrabbiati: "Opening Themes... A Tribute" (2010)

HECTOR BRAGA - Caminos Del Mundu (2010)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Iliad: A Grand Piano Extravaganza (2010)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe. A New SyNphonic Collection (2010)

THE SAMURAI OF PROG - Undercover (2011)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Decameron. Ten Days In 100 Novellas: Part 1 (2011)

TRICANTROPUS - El Sueño de Arsinoe (2011)

SENOGUL - III (2011)

PABLO CANALÍS - Folclores Imaginarios (2012)

EDWIN MOSES - Cabrini Green (2012)

SOULWORM - Soulworm 2: Anandamantra (2012)

WILLY NAVES - Conversaciones Con Demian (2012)

VENDAVAL - Arba'a (2012)

NOEGA - Poema Sinfónico Para Banda De Gaitas, Quinteto Instrumental y Recitador (2012)

THE SAMURAI OF PROG - Secrets In Disguise (2013)

JOHN FALCONE - In The Wabe (2014)

OTUS SCOPS - El Sonido Del Mar (2014)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Decameron. Ten Days In 100 Novellas: Part 2 (2014)

SKANDA - 18  (2014)

ALMS - An Irosmic Tragedy (2015)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Decameron. Ten Days In 100 Novellas: Part 3 (2016)

LAST KNIGHT - Talking To The Moon (2016)

MAD ROVERS - Mad Rovers (2017)

THE SAMURAI OF PROG - Archiviarum (2018)

THE SAMURAI OF PROG - Omnibus (2018)

PABLO CANALÍS - Night Chants (2019)

LAST KNIGHT - Seven Deadly Sins (2019)

Last Knight Songs


Talking To The Moon

Written by E.G.Salueña, C.L.Spear, P. Lato & J.M.Medina


Talking To The Moon

Written by E.G.Salueña & J.M.Medina


Talking To The Moon

Written by E.G.Salueña & J.M.Medina


Talking To The Moon

Written by J.Falcone & E.G.Salueña (Orchestrations by J.M.Medina)


Talking To The Moon

Written by J.Carrandi, E.G.Salueña, C.L.Spear, P.Lato, J.M.Medina & T.Travis


Seven Deadly Sins

Written by E.G.Salueña, C.L.Spear, P. Lato & J.M.Medina

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