Kimmo Pörsti - Wayfarer

Kimmo Pörsti - Wayfarer

Kimmo Pörsti, famous finnish drummer of The Samurai of Prog and other projects, has released his second solo album, Wayfarer. The album has been very well received by specialized critics and this is partly thanks to the collaboration of notable musicians of different nationalities. One of the composers of the album has been Jose Manuel Medina, with the contribution of the song "Heaven's Gate". The song is performed by Dave Bainbridge (Iona) on guitars, Kimmo Pörsti on drums, Hitomi Iriyama on violin, Olli Jaakkola on flute, and Jose Manuel Medina providing keyboards and orchestrations.

The album is full of musical motifs of various styles unified by Pörsti in a homogeneous way. In this album, Jose Manuel coincides with another musician related to Last Knight, and is the multi-instrumentalist Rafael Pacha.

You can find it for download or CD in the following link:

Track Listing:

01. Arrival 3:01 02. Heaven's Gate 6:16 03. Creer, Crecer 4:56 04. Connection Lost 5:29 05. Morning Mist 4:43 06. Thunkit 6:23 07. Wayfarer 4:54 08. Cruz Del Sur 10:20 09. Witch Watch 6:5 10. This Day Is Yours 5:53 11. Heavy Winter 3:30 12. Icy Storm 5:27 13. Mika 5:18 Line Up: Kimmo Porsti (FI): drums and percussion Marek Arnold (GER): Sax, keyboards Dave Bainbridge (UK): Guitars, keyboards Marco Bernard (FI): Bass Carmine Capasso (ITA): Guitars Jenny Darren (UK): Vocals Rodrigo Godoy (CHI): Vocals, Guitars Hitomi Iriyama (JPN): Violin Olli Jaakkola (FI): Flute Steve Mauk (USA): Keyboards Kev Moore (UK): Vocals Jose Manuel Medina (SPA): Keyboards, orchestrations Rafael Pacha (SPA): Guitars, whistles, recorders Otso Pakarinen (FI): Keyboards Hanna P?rsti (FI): Flute J-P Rantanen (FI): Keyboards Kari Riihim?ki (FI): Guitars Jari Riitala (FI): Guitars, keyboards, bass Jaime Rosas (CHI): Keyboards Jan-Olof Strandberg (FI): Bass

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